Melissa Denny


Personal Trainer / Owner

Living my life as an athletic woman making a career out of personal training seemed to be exactly where my path has taken me. Being in high end sales, managerial roles, having a fancy title, none of that fuelled me. None of it allowed me to have passion. After suffering a severe injury in soccer and working with a trainer to get me back where i needed to be, it became clear i needed to follow my heart and dive head first into the fitness world. Ive since worked with body builders (top 5 finishers), powerlifters (qualifiers with OPA in the top 5 of their class) and elite level athletes. But I have never felt more satisfied then working with those who simply want to live longer, free of pain and have no mobility limitations. If it means losing body fat, gaining healthy lean mass or simply maintaining to live a happy, fulfilled physical lifestyle with on point nutrition habits, Id love to show you how capable your body can be! 

Certifications / Accreditations

  • Canfit Pro certified since 2008
  • Animal Flow 
  • Fitness Kickboxing level 3
  • Rock Tape FMT pro (Functional Movement Technique)
  • Rock Pods cupping 
  • DTS Lean Body Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Pro Coach
  • DTS Barbell Fundimentals
  • Post / Pre-Natal GGS
  • DTS Low back Fundamentals

Various courses pertaining to knee, hip, shoulder and ankle repair and rehabilitaiton.

Dale Fraser Pearson


Yoga Instructor & Tribal Belly Dance Instructor

Stay tuned for Dale's Bio!!

Certifications / Accreditations